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  1. InMail - Frequently Asked Questions
  2. InMail Message Status Types
  3. Posting a Job in Recruiter
  4. Exporting Profiles from the Clipboard
  5. Company Pages - Overview
  6. Administrator Role - Recruiter
  7. Searching People for Specific Qualifications or Requests
  8. Recruiter Usage Reports - Terms and Definitions
  9. Tips, Tricks, and Training for Recruiter
  10. Personal Account vs. Recruiter
  11. Password Help
  12. Sharing Your Job Posting
  13. Viewing a Member’s Connections
  14. Comparison of Admin and Regular Seat Holder Visibility
  15. Finding and Editing Saved Searches in Recruiter
  16. Search in Recruiter Versus Search in Personal Account
  17. Activating Talent Pipeline in Recruiter
  18. Recruiter Search Alerts and Limits
  19. Tracking ID
  20. Creating and Sending a Screenshot
  21. Increasing Exposure of Job Postings
  22. Visibility of Job Postings
  23. Inside Opinion Overview
  24. Profiles on versus Recruiter
  25. Deleting Items from My Recruiter Inbox
  26. Assigning the Administrator Role
  27. Benefits of Using InMail
  28. Team Visibility of Profile Activity
  29. InMail Expiration Process
  30. Sending InMail from Search Results in Recruiter
  31. Sending Attachments with InMail Messages in Recruiter
  32. Out-of-Network Profile Unlocks - Overview
  33. Editing Your Job Posting
  34. Forwarding Profiles in Recruiter
  35. Tracking Pixel
  36. InMail Feedback Score - Overview
  37. Archiving Projects in Recruiter
  38. Updating Billing Information for Recruiter Purchased Online
  39. Difference Between Clipboard and Projects in Recruiter
  40. Clearing Your Cache and Cookies
  41. Talent Pipeline - Overview
  42. Hiring Manager - Frequently Asked Questions
  43. Closing a Job Posting
  44. Application Flow for Members Applying for Your Job Posting
  45. Finding Job Candidates
  46. Admin Console - Overview
  47. Adding, Editing, or Deleting Profile Notes in Recruiter
  48. Recruiter Usage Reports – Overview
  49. Sponsored Jobs - Overview
  50. Getting Help with Your Company or Career Page
  51. Finding InMail Responses in Recruiter
  52. Viewing Saved Searches in Recruiter
  53. Reassigning Projects in Recruiter
  54. Team Projects in Recruiter - Overview
  55. Language Settings in Recruiter
  56. Viewing Company Profiles in Recruiter
  57. Superiority of Recruiter
  58. CheckIn - Overview
  59. Editing a Project Name in Recruiter
  60. Purchasing and Canceling Add-Ons Between Billing Cycles for Recruiter
  61. Renewing Job Postings
  62. Sending InMail from the Clipboard
  63. Running a Search
  64. InMail Improvement Period
  65. Clipboard Profile Limit
  66. Apply with LinkedIn - Overview
  67. My Jobs - Overview
  68. Accessing Custom Filters in Search
  69. InMail Credit Discrepancy
  70. Writing Effective InMails
  71. Recruiter Clipboard - Overview
  72. Canceling Your Recruiter Account
  73. Adding a Status to Profiles in Talent Pipeline
  74. Adding a Tag to Profiles in Talent Pipeline
  75. Contacting Enterprise Support Online
  76. Exporting the Recruiter Usage Report
  77. Sponsored Jobs Campaign and Budget Details
  78. Creating and Removing Statuses in Talent Pipeline
  79. Length of Time that Search History is Saved
  80. Importing Candidates with Talent Pipeline
  81. Finding Your Total Available InMail Credits
  82. Information on a Company Page
  83. LinkedIn Jobs - Overview
  84. Saving Searches in Recruiter
  85. Toggling Between Recruiter and Personal Account
  86. Sorting Search Results in Recruiter
  87. Expired Job Postings - Overview
  88. Turning the OFCCP Tracking ID Field Requirement On or Off
  89. Sending InMail Templates Created by Other Team Members
  90. Creating and Removing Tags in Talent Pipeline
  91. Talent Pipeline: Importing Data from Spreadsheets
  92. InMail Templates - Overview
  93. Bulk Actions on Profiles in Projects
  94. Adding and Managing Saved Searches in a Project
  95. Projects in Recruiter - Frequently Asked Questions
  96. Team Support - Overview
  97. Sending Invitations from Recruiter
  98. Purchasing More Job Slots for Recruiter
  99. Getting Approved to Post Talent Updates on Company Page
  100. Requesting Access for Posting Talent Updates
  101. Talent Updates - Frequently Asked Questions
  102. Finding Your InMail Response Rate
  103. Sending InMail During the InMail Improvement Period
  104. Purchasing Additional InMail for Your Recruiter Lite Account
  105. Adding Profiles to the Clipboard in Recruiter
  106. Recruiter Mobile - Frequently Asked Questions
  107. Retrieving Archived InMails
  108. Creating a Project
  109. Sponsoring a Job
  110. Stopping a Sponsored Jobs Campaign
  111. Limiting Search Results to One Country Only
  112. Personal Profile Viewable through Job Posting
  113. Viewing Profiles in a Project
  114. Who's Viewed My Profile
  115. Adding and Removing Seat Holders in Recruiter
  116. Transferring Work in Recruiter
  117. Adding Profiles to a Project in Recruiter
  118. Accessing LinkedIn Recruiter
  119. InMail Contact Information Field
  120. Profile Print View
  121. Associating Your Job Posting to Your Company Page
  122. Sending Messages in Recruiter
  123. Admin Control of InMails and Job Slots in Recruiter
  124. Overcoming Repeated Sign-in Requests
  125. Number of Available Job Postings
  126. Purchasing Add-Ons for Your Recruiter Account
  127. Desktop Application Downloads
  128. Switching Your Recruiter Corporate Billing Plan
  129. Controlling Who Can View Recruiter Usage Reports
  130. Searching and Filtering Your Results on Linkedin Recruiter Mobile
  131. Requesting Refunds for Recruiter Purchased Online
  132. Saving a Job to a Recruiter Project
  133. File Formats for Exported Profiles
  134. Recruiting Activity Section - Overview
  135. Resetting Time and Date in Windows
  136. Creating a CheckIn Form
  137. InMail Character Limits
  138. Viewing the Projects You Own in Recruiter
  139. Contacting a Member Without Unlocking Their Profile
  140. Can’t Use Recruiter After Canceling a Seat
  141. Refunds for Add-Ons Purchased Between Billing Cycles for Recruiter Accounts
  142. Adding Followers Who Engaged with Talent Updates
  143. Multiple Company Pages
  144. Talent Updates Analytics
  145. Searching on Custom Fields
  146. Appealing the InMail Policy or InMail Improvement Period
  147. InMail Improvement Period - Grace Period
  148. Authorizing your ATS on your dashboard
  149. Team Support - Shared Access and Features
  150. Undoing Team Support
  151. Sharing Profiles with a Hiring Manager on Recruiter Mobile
  152. Accessing Your Messages in Recruiter Mobile
  153. Printing a Receipt for Recruiter Small Business or Recruiter Corporate
  154. Similar Profiles
  155. Accessing Sent InMail Messages in Recruiter
  156. Sharing and Unsharing a Project in Recruiter
  157. Information Protected from Candidates
  158. Seeing How You’re Connected to a Member
  159. Tracking of Recruiter Activity
  160. Requesting a Recruiter Activity Report
  161. Editing Shared InMail Templates in Recruiter
  162. Apply with LinkedIn for Companies and Developers
  163. Cost of Sponsored Jobs
  164. Removing Profiles from the Clipboard
  165. Opting Out of Receiving Inside Opinion Messages
  166. Archiving InMail Messages
  167. Profiles Appearing in Recruiter Search Results
  168. Visibility of Job Postings
  169. LinkedIn Integration with eQuest
  170. Installing Recruiter Mobile
  171. Sending an InMail Message on Recruiter Mobile
  172. Recruiter Search Results Lower than Expected
  173. Using a CheckIn Form for an Event
  174. Status, Review, and Activity Columns in Recruiter Projects
  175. Viewing and Restoring Archived Projects in Recruiter
  176. Sharing Profiles With Colleagues Using Recruiter Small Business
  177. Premium Account Wasn’t Canceled with Recruiter Purchase
  178. Posting Talent Updates on Company Pages - Overview
  179. Company Page Admin Response
  180. Visibility of Talent Updates
  181. Importing Candidate Resumes Via Email
  182. Exposing Your Job Postings to More People
  183. Tracking Pixels on Careers Tab
  184. Adding a Pixel Tracker to Your Career Tab
  185. Recalling or Editing a Sent InMail
  186. Using InMail for Better Tracking
  187. Recruiter InMail Policy
  188. Importing Your LinkedIn Connections Into Recruiter
  189. Removing Profiles from a Project in Recruiter
  190. Messages to Fellow Group Members
  191. Employees Associated with a Company Page
  192. Definition of OFCCP
  193. Sponsored Jobs Placement
  194. Not Able to Sponsor a Job
  195. Number of Search Results
  196. Managing Jobs Posted on LinkedIn vs. Jobs Posted Through Recruiter
  197. Activating or Deactivating Profile Photo Feature in Recruiter
  198. Member Blocking in Recruiter
  199. Example InMail for Research Network
  200. Accessing Information from CheckIn Registrations
  201. Editing a CheckIn Form
  202. Finding Recruiter Projects That Were Shared With You
  203. Using the Star Feature in a Recruiter Project
  204. Sending Introductions from Recruiter
  205. Purchasing More Credits for Out-of-Network Profile Unlocks
  206. Enabling and Disabling Talent Updates
  207. Custom Fields in Recruiter - Overview
  208. Saving a Draft of an InMail
  209. Setting Up Team Support
  210. Signing In to Recruiter
  211. Error for “Signing In on Another Computer or Browser Has Ended This Session”
  212. Funding Sponsored Jobs
  213. Reporting Inappropriate Profiles to LinkedIn
  214. Finding Profile Matches for Posted Jobs
  215. Recruiter InMail Audit Report
  216. Can’t Access Account Because Account Was Not Paid
  217. Filtering Recruiter Usage Reports
  218. Minimum System Requirements for Recruiter
  219. Saving Profiles to a Project on Recruiter Mobile
  220. Changing the Contract Associated with Recruiter Mobile
  221. Searching Inbox Messages
  222. Project Statistics in Recruiter
  223. Renewal of Out-of-Network Profile Unlock Credits
  224. Posting Talent Updates
  225. Attachments to Talent Updates
  226. Adding and Editing Custom Fields
  227. Recruiter Activity with Blocked Members
  228. Error Message When Sending an InMail Within a Project
  229. InMail Analytics Page
  230. InMail Improvement Period Warning Message Placement
  231. Adding Another Child Contract for Team Support
  232. Writing a Job Description for Your Job Posting
  233. Tracking Applicants
  234. Adding a Source to Profiles in Talent Pipeline
  235. Modifying Your Sponsored Jobs Campaign
  236. Information from Another Company's Company Page
  237. Unexpected Problem Message
  238. Error Message When Adding or Replacing a Recruiter User
  239. Error Message Requesting New Credit Card Details
  240. Attaching Files to Projects in Recruiter
  241. Discovering an Existing Company Account After Recruiter Seat Purchase
  242. Projects on Recruiter Mobile
  243. Job Wrapping Overview
  244. Internal Job Recommendations
  245. Categorizing and Describing Your Job Posting
  246. Signing In to Multiple Recruiter Accounts
  247. Saving, Deleting, or Editing Custom Filters in Search
  248. To Do Feature in Recruiter
  249. Accessing Past Searches on Recruiter Mobile
  250. Linking Talent Pipeline Imports to LinkedIn Profiles
  251. InMail Withdrawn by LinkedIn
  252. Creating and Removing Sources in Talent Pipeline
  253. Restarting Your Sponsored Jobs Campaign
  254. Application Flow for Internal Job Recommendations
  255. Saving a Note to a Profile on Recruiter Mobile
  256. Calling, Texting, or Emailing a Candidate in Recruiter Mobile
  257. Distribution of Internal Job Recommendations
  258. Adding as a Trusted Site
  259. Filtering Profiles in Recruiter Projects
  260. How Profiles are Ordered in Recruiter Projects
  261. Adding or Editing a Project Description in Recruiter
  262. Privacy for Recipients When Sending an InMail in Recruiter
  263. Adding, Editing, or Deleting a To Do Item in Recruiter
  264. Usage Metrics for Recruiter Mobile